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About Rosé Imports

Rosé wines are not complicated. Its appeal lies principally in its ability to be dry and refresh. A good rosé should be light and refreshing, crisp, dry and only mildly aromatic. Think subtle summer fruits like raspberry, melon and peach. These wines are perfect throughout the day and into the evening. And that’s why so many people love the Rosé way of life! 


When friends with common interests share a passion for the finer things in life, an idea is born. 

Originating from Sydney, Australia - the founding members of Rosé Imports have varied and extensive experience, including close relationships in the Sydney hospitality industry and personal knowledge of the Rosé regions in the South of France. Rosé Imports was developed to fill a gap in the Sydney market - great tasting, affordable Rosé that can be drunk at any time of the year.  

One of the founding members of Rosé Imports has lived in the South of France for the past four years. During this time he has embarked on adventures to seek out fresh new brands with the highest quality, discovering some amazing and unique Rosé wines that have never been made available to the Australian market before. He has built strong relationships with the wineries, which all have a unique story to tell. He has always loved the Côte d'Azur lifestyle and wanted to bring back a piece of the Provence lifestyle along with its wines to his home town of Sydney, for all to enjoy the Rosé way of life.


The team at Rose Imports  are renowned for their intuitive and honest approach to the world of Rosé. They combine a collective desire to explore the French Rosé market, ensuring each wine is of the highest standard and seamlessly delivered to their clients. Their work is based on a belief that genuine relationships with clients are paramount to their service. 


Rosé imports are dedicated to sourcing the best products available and providing them to their clients, with professional service & knowledge. Customers will benefit from working with Rosé Imports because of our established relationships with suppliers of Rosé in the South of France, knowledge of the industry, product quality, expert customer service and industry connections. 

Our relationships domestically and abroad has given us the opportunity to deliver these wines to the market at competitive prices. We also work hard to minimise currency fluctuations and maintain price stability to the market by locking in currency rates at favorable times. 


Schedule a tasting - set up a time that works for you, and let us know which wines you want to taste.

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