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This family has always been interested in the tradition to explore the world and to discover unique, high-quality alcoholic beverages and other luxury products.

With family history in the largest cigar brands in Sweden, the Hafströms and  the creation of the legendary Grönstedts Cognac in 1846, Johan Daniel Grönstedt had great passion for French beverages with another branch of their family tree holding the Lindqvist family, importers of exclusive wines in the nineteenth century. From this rich history the Boutique Wine Company Bodvár – House of Rosés has been built with a passion to collect the greatest rosé wines from all over the world under one brand and make them available to the discerning customer. They are the world’s only truly specialized Rosé House.


Languedoc-Roussillon is a large and diverse wine region in the south of France, covering an area that stretches from Nimes and Montpellier in the east, around the Gulf of Lyon to the Spanish border.

As suggested by the double-barreled name, Languedoc-Roussillon was once two independent regions – Languedoc and Roussillon. Although the worlds of wine politics and commerce have enduringly grouped the two together, geography and culture separate them; Languedoc is quintessentially French in character, whereas the strong influences of Spanish and Catalan culture are clear across Roussillon. While Languedoc's vineyards are mostly located on coastal plains, those of Roussillon are either perched on cliff tops or nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees. However, the two regions have been treated as a single unit so often – and for such a significant period of wine history – that it is now difficult to divide them. 

The land of Vaison la Romaine offers a whole symphony of flavours, aromas and colour. A varied range of locally-grown, high-quality agricultural produce enhances the local gastronomy. Winegrowing has been around since Ancient Times and is a key part of the soul and landscape. Vines are grown on hillsides or on the plain, in mostly calcareous ground, and they have the advantage of a Mediterranean-style climate. The wines are mainly reds or roses, and are fairly “full-bodied”. One unusual feature of winegrowing in Vaison is the sheer number of small farms producing a whole host of tastes and flavours.